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Health etc Sleep Gummy


With carefully selected ingredients by an expert team of doctors, Health etc.Go 2 Sleep Gummy provides a comforting bedtime ritual for a truly satisfying night’s rest. Our Sleep Gummies are formulated to promote better sleep quality and helps you wake up feeling refreshed. Give sugar free sleep gummies a try and experience the difference for yourself.

  • Lowers the time it takes to fall asleep
  • Naturally induces sleep hormones
  • Soothes and relaxes the mind.
  • Calms the nerves with herbs.
  • Regulates proper sleep habits every night.

Net Quanity

30 Quantities

  • USP Insomnia
  • USP Jet lag
  • USP Sleep latency
  • USP Stress and anxiety

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹799.00.

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Clinical Proof of our Gummies

Gelatin Free Gummy

Gelatin Free

Gluten Free Gummy

Gluten Free



Sugar Free Gummy

No Sugar

Plant Based Gummies

100% Vegetarian

Preservative Free

Crafted by science

Zero side effect

100% RDA compliant

Formulated with clinically tested ingredients

No artificial colours


Why choose Go 2 Sleep gummy as a supplement for good sleep?

Anyone who struggles to sleep understands the frustration that comes along with it. Tossing and turning about every night, groggy eyes in the morning, crabby and caffeinated all day. We all know this song and dance. It’s time to put those sleepless nights to rest! If this vicious cycle seems familiar to you, then we guarantee that you will love health, etc. Go 2 Sleep Gummy!

That’s where sleep gummies with melatonin come in, helping you achieve those rejuvenating nights you need to thrive. There’s so much that goes into staying healthy. The workouts, the protein shakes, the yoga, and the eight glasses of water only keep you healthy when accompanied by restful sleep.

Sleep Well Gummies

Result you can expect from our natural sleep gummies

At 30 days

Time you take to fall asleep gets improved.

At 60 days

You can see yourself more focused, alert and successfull as a result of good sleep.

At 90 days

Improved heart health and Blood pressure levels, means lesser risk of BP and heart diseases.

At 3-6 months

You can sleep naturally and wake up feeling refreshed with reduced stress levels.

Expert Buzz on Our Sleep Gummies!

Food intake, stress, physical activity, social environment and Sleep plays crucial role in regulating the circadian rhythm. Bedtime and wake time should be stable if you practice healthy habits. When this gets disturbed you need supplements to induce sleep naturally. Sleep gummy has melatonin, ashwagandha, valerian root, chamomile and passion flower which can regulate your sleep wake cycle naturally without any fear of addiction or side effects.

Key Ingredients of sleep gummy


Melatonin – balances the sleep hormone to regulate sleep wake cycle.*


Ashwagandha – Relieves stress, anxiety and promotes calmful sleep.*


Passion flower extract – Delivers a undisturbed sleep by improving the total sleep time. *


Valeriana wallichii – Induces sleep and decreased sleep latency , that is the time taken to fall asleep. *


Saffron – Helps increase the duration of sleep without inbetween night wakeups or sleep disturbance.*


Chamomile – rich in flavonoids and binds with GABA receptor of the brain to calm the nerves for good sleep.

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Our Science for best sleep supplement

GABA is the main neurotransmitter of the Central nervous System. Activation of GABA induces sleep naturally in human. Our team of experts found through research that GABA binding herbs and plants can promote good sleep without any side effects in case of insomia, or lifestyle practices like increased screentime, change in worktime and poor eating habits. To bring a solution to this our sleep gummy acts as a natural lullaby for adults with melatonin, ashwagandha, valerian root and chamomile. All these work together to improve sleep quality, induce sleep, undisturbed sleep by calming your stress and anxiety levels.

What’s our special blend?…. Fine we’ll tell you.

A closer look at the ingredients in our natural sleep gummies


Dosage recommendation

Health etc Go 2 Sleep Gummies are ideal to help with your sleep issues.

Use one gummy a day 30 minutes before sleep.

Chew the gummy well before swallowing.

Once you open a pillow pack, consume the gummy immediately.

For full benefits, take this supplement daily for at least 3-4 months.

Pack of 1

Night shift workers and frequent travellers who face jet lag – use it for 3 months

Pack of 2

Stress, anxiety and depression disturbing your sleep- Use it for 3-4 months.

Pack of 3

In case of insomnia and under psychiatric treatment with poor sleep – can be taken regularly.

Other recommendations​

Few women who near menopause find it difficult to sleep due to night sweats. Sleep gummy can help them along with health etc women health gummy.

Poor sleep also weakens your immune system. Consider taking sleep gummy alongwith Health etc immunity gummy for improved immunity.

Feeling tired and low due to poor sleep? We suggest you take go 2 sleep gummy and Gummy on the go to keep yourself active in the day time.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Have question in mind?

Yes. Health etc sleep gummies are candy-sized bites formulated with ingredients that encourage the body to relax and calms the mind which in turn improve quality sleep.

Health etc Go 2 Sleep Gummies are ideal to help with your sleep issues. As it is formulated with natural ingredients, it induces sleep in a harmless way and there is no fear of morning drowsiness. Go 2 sleep gummies has melatonin for regulating sleep-wake cycles, Ashwagandha to reduce stress and anxiety, saffron for contributing to a calm state of mind before bedtime, passionflower extract enhances GABA activity.

Sleep gummies containing melatonin will help as it relaxes and induces sleep like normal sleep. It is best for jet lag as it is non-addictive.

Yes. Health etc Go 2 Sleep Gummies are sugar free, vegan, free from gelatin, preservatives and artificial colours.

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the pineal gland in the brain. Melatonin production typically increases in the evening, helping you feel sleepy and preparing your body for rest. It decreases in the morning, signalling your body to wake up. Melatonin in gummies helps with the timing of your circadian rhythms (24-hour internal clock) and with sleep, improving sleep naturally.

No. Our Health etc Go 2 Sleep Gummies contains saffron, chamomile, Ashwagandha to improve quality sleep time and will not cause addiction.

It is suggested to take our sleep gummy 30 minutes before sleep for a restful sleep. Our melatonin gummy is formulated with natural plant-based ingredients and upon consistent usage of about 3-6 months you can see difference in your sleep wake cycle. Yeah, we mean you can induce sleep naturally!

Am under homeopathy medication. Can I take health etc sleep gummy?

Yes, but make sure you leave a gap of 30 minutes between each course of medication. Sleep gummy with melatonin should be avoided if the person is allergic to melatonin, have liver or kidney problems, or any other autoimmune condition.

Important information

We kindly request you to follow the instruction.

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take, unless a doctor recommends it.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Not for children below 18 years of age.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Supplements are not meant to cure or diagnose any disease.
  • Natural colour may fade after sometime.

Weight: 0.195 kg

Dimensions: 12.7 × 8 × 8 cm

Manufacturer Details
Solistaa Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Rs No.153/2 153/3 Puducherry-Tindivanam Highway Pattanur Village Auroville Post Villupuram-605101 Tamilnadu

Packer Details
Wedjat Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd. P.NO. 547 F1-F2 Pinnacle Apartment Arul Nagar East Tambaram Chennai Tamil Nadu 600059 Mail: Telephone no: 9655928004

Country of Origin

Expires on or before
June 1st 2025

Net quantity
30 Gummies

Storage information

We kindly request you to follow the instruction.

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not refrigerate.
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