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Health etc Hair Health Gummies

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The Health etc. Hair Health Gummy is your go-to solution for all hair concerns and types. Formulated by doctors, these gummies harness the power of amino acids and vitamins to combat hair breakage. We’re proud to be the first to offer amino acid-rich hair gummies with biotin, providing expert care for your hair from the inside out.

  • Enriched with amino acids, biotin, vitamins, and minerals for optimal hair growth.
  • Health etc. biotin hair gummies reduce hair fall and induce natural hair growth.
  • Soft, chewy, and delicious, providing Triple blend of healthy hair nutrients in every bite.
  • Can help reverse hair loss and strengthens hair from within. Perfect hair gummies for men and women.

Net Quanity

30 Quantities

  • USP Hair Breakage
  • USP Hair Fall
  • USP Hair Loss
  • USP Strong Hair

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹799.00.

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Clinical Proof of Hair Care Gummies

Gelatin Free Gummy

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Preservative Free

Crafted by science

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Formulated with clinically tested ingredients

No artificial colours


Why Hair Health Gummy

Stress, lack of sleep, environmental damages, harsh chemicals and nutritional deficiencies are a few factors that can affect your hair health. But you already knew that! Salon appointments, scalp massages, silk pillows and expensive hair care products are great ways to take care of your hair from the outside. What about the stuff you put inside?

Helping your insides can be hard work though, you want to make sure you’re giving yourself the highest quality, natural ingredients. But this has always been so time consuming, boring and bitter; until now that is! Now, we have a better solution that is hair growth gummies. Yes! Try our delicious mixed berry hair health gummy for that self care that replenishes you from the inside out.

Look no further for a gender neutral complete hair makeover! Yes, you heard it right. It’s our biotin hair gummies.

Hair Care Gummies

Result you can expect from Hair Growth Gummies

Week 1 & 2

Your hair feels happy that you are giving the required nutrients.

At 1 Month

Your hair stays stronger that means reduced hair count on comb and towel.

At 3 Months

Your hair looks thicker, shinier, and lush.

Expert Buzz on Our Hair Gummies!

There are several causes for hair loss like inflammation, stress, DHT- the male hormone, diet, environment and the list goes on. Taking care of hair from within is achieved when you take this hair health gummy as this is rich in aminoacids- which never lets the hair weaker whatever may be the reason.

Key Ingredients

Biotin: Supports healthy hair stimulation, strengthens hair, reduces brittleness.

Aminoacids: Protects from damage and strengthens the hair.

Soya isoflavones: Acts as a DHT blocker and strengthens hair structure.

Grape seed extract: Nourishes Hair follicles to avoid hair breakage.

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Our Science for Hair Supplement Gummies

These gummies for hair fall control is powered with Healthetc Aminoacid Blend which is formulated based on research.

Nutritional deficiency is a common problem in both men and women with hair loss irrespective of the type of alopecia.

* Research says that several forms of hair loss due to nutrient
deficiency can be addressed with power boost of amino acids and vitamins. Not only amino acids but also our health etc hair healthy vitamin blend with best hair thickening vitamins address each of your hair loss reasons scientifically and naturally.

*Study Published by National Library of Medicine.

What to know more about our Hair Gummies Ingredients?….
Fine we’ll Tell you

Know your Vitamin blend of hair growth gummies


Know your Mineral blend of hair booster gummies

Know your Amino acid blend of hair strengthening gummies

Dosage recommendation

Want to know how long to use? Listen to what our expert says…...

Use one gummy a day after food.

Chew the gummy well before swallowing.

Once you open a pillow pack, consume the gummy immediately.

Foe full benefits, take this supplement daily for at least 3-4 months.

Men over 18

Unsure which stage you are? Share your pic mentioning your age in whatsapp, to know your stage

Stage 1 (Pack of 1)

Use for 3 months to reverse hair loss and to slow down the hair fall in case of hereditary hair loss.

Stage 2 & 3 (Pack of 2)

Use for 6 months alongwith your hair care products.

Stage 4 & 5 (Pack of 3)

Use for 3-6 months alongwith your doctor recommended hair supplement. To get doctor recommended hair supplement based on your hair fall reason consult with doctor

Stage 6 & 7 (Pack of 4)

Use it alongwith your tailored hair care routine – best hair supplements for hair growth, serum, shampoo and oil. Professional treatment is also recommended. Continue using our Hair health gummy to supply the essential nutrients for your hair during the course of treatment, to enhance the results.

Women over 18

Unsure which stage you are? Share your pic mentioning your age in whatsapp, to know your stage

Type 1 (Pack of 1)

Use for 3 months to control hair fall.

Type 2 (Pack of 2)

Use for 4-6 months for
thicker, voluminous hair. Try to figure out the root cause. Unsure? Consult Online

Type 3 & 4 (Pack of 3)

Use for 6 months alongwith doctor suggested, serum, oil and supplement.

Type 5 (Pack of 4)

Use it alongwith your tailored hair care routine – best hair supplements for hair growth, serum, shampoo and oil. Professional treatment is also recommended. Continue using our Hair health gummy to supply the essential nutrients for your hair during the course of treatment , to enhance the results.

How does it help?

  • Restores nutrients into the hair cycle and increases hair growth while improving the texture of hair
  • Enriched with aminoacids that controls hair loss due to iron deficiency, following any ailment, Androgenetic alopecia or female type hair loss.
  • Blend of vitamins addresses hair fall and hair breakage while controlling hair loss.
  • Strengthens and thickens hair; Reduces dry, dull & damaged hair
  • Reduces hair thinning and adds volume to the hair.
  • Supports absorption of nutrients and reverses free radical damage.
  • Easy to digest and non-hormonal solution that is safe for long term use.
  • Triple blend of hair nutrients- Vitamins, Minerals and amino acids.

Customer Testimonials

Have question in mind?

Health etc hair health gummy is formulated by ingredients hand picked by doctors that are best for healthy hair growth. These are added in appropriate dosages and rules out hair fall reason whatever it may be.

Research has proven that nutrition deficiency should be corrected to prevent hair loss what ever be the reason. Biotin, amino acids, best hair thickening vitamins are Vitamin C, D3, A,B3,B6, E, minerals like Zinc, folic acid, iron and plant extracts or DHT blockers for hair growth like grape seed extract, soy isoflavones all work as a synergy for improved hair growth. One of the simple way to incorporate all these is chewing best hair gummies for hair growth like Health etc hair health gummy.

Hair gummies with biotin are considered the best for hair growth. Health etc hair health gummy is formulated with ingredients like biotin, amino acids, multivitamins, minerals like iron, folic acid and zinc that are handpicked by doctors that support healthy hair growth while strengthening your hair from within.

Research has proven that amino acids deficiency should be corrected to prevent hair loss whatever be the reason. Our Health etc hair health gummies have significant amounts of these amino acids (L-Arginine 15mg, Glycine 10mg , L-Lysine 50mg and L- Tryptophan 15 mg), thus minimizing hair shedding and supports hair growth.

Health etc hair health gummies are specifically formulated with hair health nutrients like biotin, grape seed extract and amino acids that strengthen hair shaft, improve blood circulation and balance the stress hormones that trigger hair loss, promote healthier, stronger hair.

You can take one gummy a day, preferably after meals. Chew well before swallowing to reap the maximum benefits.

To get full benefits of this product, take Health etc hair health gummies at least 3-4 months on a daily basis.

Absolutely, Health etc hair gummies can help improve the hair health nutrient which may be lacked in your diet, so it can be taken along with your hair care regime.

No. Our Health etc hair gummies are totally safe to consume and will not cause any side effects. These gummies are free from gelatin, gluten, preservatives and artificial colours.

Health etc hair health gummies are specifically formulated for adults over 18 years to address hair related concerns like hair fall, hair damage, spilt ends and hair thinning.

No you don’t need a prescrption to buy hair growth gummies. But make sure you choose gummy based on hair gummies ingredients , and also it should be free of gelatin, sugar, artificial colours, and flavours.

There is no diet restrictions while taking Hair health gummy. Always ensure that your diet is balanced with protein, fibre, green leafy vegetables and fruits, and good fats. To fill out the nutritional gap in your plate, eat one gummy a day and they can nourish your hair with essential micronutrients in recommended dosage.

Important information

We kindly request you to follow the instruction.

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take, unless a doctor recommends it.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Not for children below 18 years of age.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Supplements are not meant to cure or diagnose any disease.
  • Natural colour may fade after sometime.

Weight: 0.195 kg

Dimensions: 12.7 × 8 × 8 cm

Manufacturer Details
Solistaa Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Rs No.153/2 153/3 Puducherry-Tindivanam Highway Pattanur Village Auroville Post Villupuram-605101 Tamilnadu

Packer Details
Wedjat Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd. P.NO. 547 F1-F2 Pinnacle Apartment Arul Nagar East Tambaram Chennai Tamil Nadu 600059 Mail: Telephone no: 9655928004

Country of Origin

Expires on or before
June 1st 2025

Net quantity
30 Gummies

Storage information

We kindly request you to follow the instruction.

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not refrigerate.
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  1. Eshwar

    I’ve been using the Hair Health Gummy for a month, and my hair feels softer, looks shinier, and has less breakage. The fruity taste makes it easy to take daily, and I love the results!

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