Powerful Reason Why Good Sleep Is Important

Powerful Reason Why good Sleep is Important?

Sleep- A natural relaxation our body gives us without any risks. Yes! everyone wishes to sleep like a newborn. But how many of us are gifted with good sleep? One day or other everyone might have come across a day in which we have tossed and turned in bed for not less than 8-12 hours. We might have been thinking about something or stressed or excited and happy. Once in a while it’s quite ok . But when it happens on and off it doesn’t just affect your sleep but your body too.

Sleep is the main recharge for your brain function, physical health and energy that you need for the day.

Getting inadequate sleep over time can raise your risk for chronic (long-term) health problems. This simply means that you need several continuous hours of restful sleep each night. But is that too simple? Yes of course it is!

When you get good sleep you will be strong in your cognitive function, memory development and retention, mood and emotional regulation, and balanced energy.

Sometimes our modern lifestyle factors hardly give us time to stop and rest. So following a healthy sleep schedule can sound like a miracle. On a regular basis one might require supplements to induce sleep naturally. And irregular sleep patterns lead to many other health risks like heart disease, stroke, obesity and dementia.

So sleep is not just hours spent on the bed. Sleeping all the time of the day is also a problem. So what do healthy sleeps mean? Healthy sleep is all about

  • How much sleep you get like 7-9 hours per day.
  • The quality of the sleep without any interruption and midnight wakeups.
  • Consistent sleep schedule. Same time to bed and off the bed.

It’s actually quite challenging to get all three of the above. Especially with night shifts and stress, quality sleep is extra challenging.

But there are many things you can do to improve your sleep. Yeah relax! Simple and delicious way is to take sleep gummies that will induce sleep naturally without any addiction or side effects.

Quick Tip to remember

Follow 3-2-1-0 rule. Don’t eat or drink 3 hours before bed, stop working 2 hours before bed, stop using screens 1 hour before bed and 0 times interruption while you sleep.

Reasons why sleep is important:

Immunity – A healthy and strong immune system needs good sleep.

Obesity- If you wish to maintain healthy weight sleep well. Sleeping less than 7 hours increases the risk of obesity as BMI increases. Changes in hunger hormones is also a reason for obesity when we lack sleep.

Concentration – Good sleep keeps you refreshed in the day and you can concentrate well on your daily activities. Either it’s academic or sports or official tasks you can excel in performance.

Inflammation – Inconsistent sleep and going to bed at different times can disrupt the body’s process of regulating inflammation while sleeping.

Heart diseases- Sleep helps the heart and blood vessels on a healthier note by reducing inflammation. Sleep regulates blood pressure avoiding the risks of heart diseases.

Diabetes- Sleeping no less than 7 hours can help regulate insulin levels in the body because without sleep body’s resistance to insulin increases which leads to diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes.


So to avoid all these reasons prioritize sleep. Sleeping for long hours will also affect health. Age wise get the required hours of sleep. Newborns (0-3 months) need 14-17 hours of sleep, while infants (4-11 months) require 12-15 hours. Toddlers (1-2 years) should get 11-14 hours, preschoolers (3-5 years) need 10-13 hours, school-age children (6-13 years) require 9-11 hours, teens (14-17 years) should have 8-10 hours, adults (18-64 years) need 7-9 hours, and older adults (65+ years) require 7-8 hours of sleep.

It’s time to get into the soft sheets, dim the lights, and have a good sleep. Good night.